Case Studies

Small Warehouse Lighting Retrofit

Personal Security Products | Little Rock, Arkansas

With just $3,100 in annual lighting energy costs, many business owners might not think a retrofit of 11,800 sq. ft. of warehouse space would be worth considering. We thought differently. By upgrading the lighting in two warehouses and adding advanced lighting controls, we were able to cut lighting energy usage by 66%, at the same time as average light levels increased by nearly 300%. Energy rebates covered 66% of the project’s initial cost, and with maintenance and energy savings of $3,410 per year, the project paid for itself in less than 13 months.

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Shopping Center Outdoor Lighting Retrofit

Eagle Mountain Shopping Center | Batesville, Arkansas

The Eagle Mountain Shopping Center in Batesville, Arkansas was spending over $37,000 in annual energy costs alone for outdoor lighting. By upgrading the shopping center’s outdoor lighting and adding advanced controls, LumaTech cut the overall lighting energy consumption by 82%, at the same time we increased average light levels by 11%. Energy rebates covered 75% of the project’s initial costs, and the retrofit paid for itself with energy and maintenance savings in less than 6 months. The new lighting system now provides the shopping center with over $42,000 in annual savings.

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