Our services

  • 24/7 Emergency lighting Service
  • Planned lighting maintenance
  • Energy Efficient Lighting upgrades & Retrofits
  • LED Lighting Sign RePairs, Maintenance & Installation
  • Electrical services

Lumatech is

LumaTech is a company full of lighting experts who are ready to improve your facility’s lighting, save you money on maintenance and energy costs and take the hassle out of lighting and sign maintenance.

What we do

We repair, maintain, install and service lighting and signs for businesses across Arkansas. We also help businesses save money and improve their lighting quality with energy efficient lighting retrofits


Wondering what makes us better than the competition? The short answer is that we stake our reputation on being the best lighting service provider in the state of Arkansas.

What our customers say

“Lumatech provides excellent service in a timely, efficient manner made possible by a diverse knowlege of lighting and electrical systems and strong work ethic.” Great Results - Expert - High Integrity
Roger Harris - Irwin Saviers Ballard, LLC

"Ben has done a superb job on any work we've given him. From the simple one-off retrofit to complex multi-site lighting upgrade projects, Ben has always been our "Go To" service provider. Lumatech has dealt with our clients in the most professional manner and his crews and personnel really engage projects and customers well. I highly recommend Ben for any lighting or identification work on an on-call or project roll-out basis"
Chester Sokolowski

"I have worked with Ben on many projects and he has always been the one to get the job done right the first time!"
Margaret Maher, Colliers Arkansas
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