Never Worry About Lighting Again

If you’re like most business owners and property managers, you’d rather spend your time managing your business than dealing with the hassle of lighting outages, repairs and maintenance. Plus, you’re probably not fond of the sticker shock that comes from unexpected lighting expenses or the guessing game of trying to predict a budget.

A planned lighting maintenance program from LumaTech will take care of all of that. We’ll take over your lighting maintenance, and replace unexpected expenses with a simple, affordable monthly flat-rate fee. We’ll become like your in-house lighting maintenance team, and with help from LumaTech, you’ll never have to worry about your lighting again.

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Key Benefits of a LumaTech Full-Service Lighting Maintenance Agreement

  • You never have to worry about your lighting system again, we take care of it all.
  • Our proactive maintenance will significantly reduce lighting outages and related downtime.
  • Your lighting costs become completely predictable thanks to our low fixed monthly fee.
  • There’s no long-term commitment required.
Standard Lighting MaintenancePlanned Lighting Maintenance Agreement
When the lights go out, you call and schedule a repair.Every month LumaTech night auditors perform a site-visit at night to report lighting or sign outages. You never have to pick up the phone.
Our LumaTech technicians come out to your site and perform the repair, and you’re charged for labor, lamps and other materials.All the costs for inspection, repairs, relamping and other lighting services are covered in your maintenance agreement.
Your monthly lighting budget varies unpredictably, depending on the month and your lighting needs during that month.Every month your lighting budget is the same affordable, predictable cost that covers all your lighting maintenance needs.

How A Lighting Maintenance Agreement With LumaTech Works

  • Initial Maintenance
    First, we’ll come out to your business and perform any necessary initial lighting maintenance. If your system needs repairs or upgrades, we’ll perform them right away.
  • Fixed-Price Lighting Maintenance Agreement
    Based off our audit, we’ll present a fixed-price bid for maintaining your lighting system. If you agree to our bid, that’s all you’ll ever pay to keep your lighting system working perfectly, for as long as you engage LumaTech to maintain your lighting.
  • Monthly Site Visits
    Every month, LumaTech night auditors will visit your facility and perform regular lighting & signage inspection. If an outage is found a dispatch is automatically entered and scheduled. If you locate any outages between night inspections, send an email or give LumaTech a call, and consider it done. By proactively maintaining your lighting system, we’ll be able to significantly reduce lighting outages and improve the overall lighting quality at your facility.
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