Warehouse Lighting Retrofit for Modern Energy Savings in Arkansas
Is your Arkansas-based company searching for cost-effective solutions to skyrocketing energy costs? The answer could be as simple as changing the lights. No matter where your plant is located in the Natural State, with modern advances in energy efficient lighting and controls, LumaTech’s warehouse lighting retrofit solutions could reduce your energy consumption by more than 40%.

Brighter, Better Lighting
For most manufacturing, warehouse, and distribution centers, 400W metal halide fixtures are the norm. Replacing outdated, energy gobbling lights with modern T-5 and T-8 fluorescents not only saves money, but also significantly improves lighting quality.
These new fluorescents deliver up to 90% of their lumen output with an estimated useful life of over four years!

Additionally, retrofitting with high- and low-bay in-line fluorescents reduces the number of fixtures needed to light the same area. Fewer fixtures means less maintenance, equaling even greater savings.

Eliminate Fluorescent ‘Buzz’
New, energy efficient, “instant on” fluorescents eliminate that annoying “buzz” because they don’t require a “warm up” period before reaching full intensity. This advance in lighting technology provides numerous options for occupancy and motion detection controls. Automating your facility’s lighting based on occupancy decreases usage when zones are inactive, an effective cost-saving option for warehouses with low-traffic areas or in non-critical locations.

Better for Your Environment
Another benefit to retrofitting your hot, metal halide lights with energy saving fluorescents is they operate hundreds of degrees cooler. You’ll reduce you’re A/C usage, lower utility costs—and your employees will enjoy a cooler, safer, better-lit work environment.

Perhaps your Arkansas-based business has corporate initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint, or obtain green certification and to help further our nation’s energy independence goals. LumaTech’s warehouse lighting retrofit solutions are the “low hanging fruit” of energy savings options.

The Big Payback
With rising utility rates (and no end in sight), a warehouse lighting retrofit project in Arkansas could see a return on investments in a matter of months. Combine your energy savings with numerous tax incentives and local utility rebates throughout the state, and these incentives could result in drastic reduction in energy usage—and a rapid payback on your investment.