What We Do

We’re in the business of improving your lighting and signage and cutting your energy and maintenance costs. Here’s how we do it.

On-Call Lighting Maintenance

Lighting isn’t something that most people pay attention to, until it’s not working right. When that happens, we’d be more than happy to come out and get things back in shape.

We have qualified, certified and experienced service crews stationed across Arkansas, ready to come to your business and help.

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Planned Lighting Maintenance

Unexpected problems with your lighting system can be a costly headache. If you wait to address lighting maintenance until something goes wrong, it can feel like you’re always playing catch-up.

That’s one reason our planned lighting maintenance programs are so popular. When you sign up for a planned lighting maintenance program from LumaTech, we’ll create a customized maintenance program for your facility that keeps your lighting system running smoothly.

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Energy-Efficient Lighting

Tired of spending too much on your facility’s power bill every month? It might be time for an energy-efficient lighting retrofit from LumaTech.

Our energy-efficient lighting retrofits can often cut a facility’s lighting system power consumption by 40% or more, improve overall lighting quality and pay for themselves with a combination of energy savings and rebates in three years or less.

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Illuminated Sign Service & Repairs

For many businesses with illuminated signs, your sign creates a first impression with many of your potential customers. If your sign isn’t working well or isn’t working at all, you risk missing that chance and losing business.

LumaTech can help. We install, maintain, service and repair all types of illuminated signs, from 2-foot-wide neon letter signs all the way up to 60-foot-wide LED billboards.

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Electrical Services

Every single one of LumaTech’s technicians is a state-certified electrician. This allows us to perform electrical services related to our customer’s lighting needs, as well as standalone electrical services.

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