Lighting Maintenance & Lighting Management

The terms lighting maintenance and lighting management
mean different things to different people, but to the community of lighting management professionals, it basically means a proactive approach to operating a lighting system. More specifically, it means the application of cost effective maintenance techniques in order to ensure persistent system performance, minimize outages, maximize energy efficiency, and deliver a high quality illuminated environment, not just when the facility is new, but throughout the life of the facility.

Rite-Hite Fans

– Do you have a warehouse, assembly plant or gymnasium that is getting a little warm this summer? Lumatech can install industrial to help cool your area. These industrial fans can create a cooling breeze, which can help reduce energy cost and keep you much cooler.

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"Ben has done a superb job on any work we've given him. From the simple one-off retrofit to complex multi-site lighting upgrade projects, Ben has always been our "Go To" service provider. Lumatech has dealt with our clients in the most professional manner and his crews and personnel really engage projects and customers well. I highly recommend Ben for any lighting or identification work on an on-call or project roll-out basis"
Chester Sokolowski